Summary of DWE

Deb Whitecross Enterprises is a disability strategy service that specialises in helping organizations meet their disability requirements and lead innovative change. We are a specialist disability strategy service that helps create disability action plans and reviews and are currently seeking accreditation to audit via the Quality Framework processes. We also have many years experience in facilitation, project management and presentation.

Our website is always going to be a work in progress as we would like to keep you updated with the latest trends and relevant information. We are in the process of adding more detail under the existing headings throughout the site. In the meantime if you require additional information please go to the contact us tab and fill out the enquiry form.

DWE and associates work collaboratively with organizations or small groups in a flexible and innovative manner and achieves a holistic approach to improve opportunities and outcomes for people with a disability or other community organisations. Read more about the additional services DWE can offer.

Developing Disability Action Plans or undertaking Reviews

Deb Whitecross Enterprises (DWE) provides a proven methodology for developing a relevant review of Disability Action Plans and a breakdown of the procedures to reach agreed outcomes. DWE assists organizations in creating and implementing Disability Action Plans or reviews  and comes with many years experience in the Government and disability sector. There is no other company more qualified or specializing in Disability Action Plans or Reviews than DWE.

Services range from initial Disability Access Audits through to implementation of the Plans and Reviews including co-ordination of community involvement, staff ‘buy in’, mentoring and disability resource development.

Deb Whitecross, Director of DWE, is herself unique in both depth and breadth of experience in the field. Deb has a reputation as a person who has created