Event Management

  • Expos
  • International Day of People with Disability Events
  • Public Launches
  • Publications – managing design, formatting, proof reading and printing
  • AGMs
  • Conferences.


Do you need an experienced facilitator for your next planning session?
Deb has organised and facilitated many events, workshops, expos, community consultations, public launches and forums over the years. Although her expertise lies within the disability sector, Deb brings broader experience with working with government agencies, community groups and provides strong leadership, self empowerment and mentoring skills.
Workshop Facilitation  Facilitation is guidance of a group in a solution focused process. The facilitator is neutral in regard to the issues or topics under discussion and works with the group as a whole and provides procedural help in moving toward a conclusion. The goal of both the facilitator and the group is to arrive at a collective decision through open discussions.

Mediation or Conflict Management:

DWE is available to mediate for people in conflict in the workplace or between people with a disability and service providers. Mediation ensures an impartial facilitator can improve communication, promote understanding, assist parties to identify needs and interests, use creative problem solving techniques to enable all parties to reach their own satisfactory agreement.