Disability Strategies:

  • Disability Action Plans – creating a disability action plan (DAP) is a strategic plan to eliminate discrimination and to create a more inclusive, accessible environment for people with a disability. It also has the added bonus that it will mitigate your risk from costly litigation should someone decide to make a formal complaint against your organisation. DWE is a specialist in helping to develop DAPs.
  • Reviews of Strategies (including the “traffic light model of review”) – the traffic light model of review is not a new concept per se, however, DWE has implemented this model to review all types of unique strategies. This model captures Qualitative and Quantitative data and has the potential to measure attitudinal change.
  • Monitoring and reporting progress of Plans – as part of managing a DAP effectively and ensuring it becomes a living and working document, it is recommended to monitor progress of the actions on a 6 monthly basis.
  • Access Audits and Appraisals – DWE can offer 3 types of access audits: a thorough technical audit and report (and compliance with AS 1428 parts 1-4), an access appraisal (less formal type of audit) with report and an unofficial assessment of access provision based on common sense access provisions.